Monday, June 13, 2016

When God Uses inconvenience

Tonight I experienced something truly ground breaking... I've scene it before, I've experienced it before, but tonight, "God used an inconvenient situation for his glory." 

As I sat in the ER waiting room at a local hospital, awaiting my mother to be checked out, two families entered into the waiting room, the frantic and panic stricken faces and behaviors told a story of something traumatic.

I eavesdropped, a car wreck, sounded like 3 individuals involved, I sat in my chair listening to music and mostly trying to mind my own business. I listened to music, watched stuff on youtube, but something kept stirring in my heart... and the longer I ignored it or tried to push it back down, the harder it pressed.

"Pray for them." the urging in my heart was saying, at first I hesitated, but then quickly started saying a silent prayer. Thinking to myself, "this should satisfy this prodding." But alas I was mistaken. The urging became louder and louder, as if a bass drum in my head was connected directly to my heart, "Pray for them." specifically the grandmother, she was whom God was pushing me towards... The grandmother would constantly look my way, and although I recognize that it could have just been coincidence, I kept feeling like she was saying, "Please pray with me." when she gave me a glance...

This honestly went on for a couple of hours, I kept praying under my breath, the urging continued to grow... Then I knew that they were about to leave... "It's now or never!" I thought to myself, so I stood up, walked over to the grandma, and said; "I know this might seem awkward, but could I pray for you all?" An astonished look came over this woman's face, but followed quickly with; "Yes" I proceeded to say that I had been praying pretty much since this family and the other came in. We prayed, and in the end, with tears in her eyes, she said, "Thank you, so much" I gave her a hug and away they went...

I never got their names, not even the names of their girls... but that wasn't the point...

Here is the point

I could, and initially approached last night/early this morning, as an inconvenience, I was worried about my Mom, and really just wanted to be left alone in my thoughts. However, God had other plans for this morning. So here is the point, "Do you miss out on the prodding of the Holy Spirit?" I think the honest answer is yes, we all miss the boat. So I believe that we should shift our focus, instead of looking at a situation as, unfortunate or, an inconvenience. Much like I initially did, we should strive to allow God to be shown in the midst of unfortunate or inconvenient situations. God made his love perfectly clear to this family last night... or this morning I should say. So as you sit in situations that may or may not be inconvenient, allow for God to use these situations for God's own Glory! The Holy Spirit will prod and move your heart towards who He intends. 

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